About Me

Syla began playing piano at the age of 6. She studied classical piano, rhythmics and theory of music in SecondaryMusicSchool in Kalisz, Poland. In the same period of time she extended her knowledge of piano construction in Secondary technical School of Grand – Piano Construction, where she graduated as a PIANO TUNER and Technician in 1998.Syla - Piano Woman

During the next 5 years Syla continued to study music at University of Kardinal Stefan Wyszynski in Warsaw, Poland, where she completed her Master degree studies of Church Musicology.


Syla worked as a Piano Tuner and Technician and Piano teacher in Warsaw, London and North – West Ireland. She also played piano in music duet and trio for weddings and special events.

Currently she is soloist and she plays piano for events in hotels and restaurants in Sligo, Donegal and Leitrim areas.

Syla is very passionate about playing piano and piano as an instrument and she spends her time around pianos every day as a Pianist, Piano Tuner and Piano Teacher.